If you're like me, you wear a mask everyday. Wanna break the cycle, too?




I'm Jordan. I help students and employees take off their mask to lead more engaged, effective and fulfilling lives. 

I focus most of my time touring an interactive keynote called, What's Your Big Lie? that has been presented to over 200,000 students, teachers, parents and professionals across North America. It uses anonymous technology to share the lies we live and demonstrates that we're never, ever alone.  

But here, on this site, is where I share my journey from my meltdown on the world stage and blowing up everything to rebuilding myself. 

I don't have all the answers. I've just experimented a ton. And it's already changed most things. Today I am calm, playful, focused and loving. A year ago I was the exact opposite. 



We are more lonely, anxious and depressed than ever before. We feel like we aren't enough. And we respond by putting a mask on out of fear and then running like hell.

"One day," we say, "When I get that thing, everything will click. I'll be whole. Right?" Wrong. 

I'll tell you a story. For most of my life I felt like an imposter to myself, my relationships, my career and my community. In turn, I was unfocused, unproductive and unhappy. Sound familiar?

But I didn't understand that until I went accidentally viralNearly half of the world knows about my silly story. It was only then that I learned how truly unhappy, isolated and unfulfilled I was. I'm that stubborn. 

And then I fell apart, big time. It got really bad. 

In a freak encounter on one scary night, I was shocked to learn that I wasn't the only one feeling this way. In fact, my viral stint only heightened the same thing we all feel. We're all imposters because there is a discord between what we think we need vs. what we actually need. 

I thought I needed to be known to feel worth, when I actually needed to love myself. 

So after 500+ chats with big fancy thinkers and everyday folks, 350,000 words written, a ton of failures, and countless personal experiments, I have become obsessed with sharing all of this through my speakingand a podcast I co-host. 

I can help you hack your habits and thinking to let go of the fear that's been driving you so that you can grow into the you that deserves to belong, to love and to be fulfilled. 

I believe you can do it. Because if a total mess like me can, you can too. And if you're reading this, you've already begun. 

Check out my whole story and I'll explain how →


“Anyone hearing Jordan will be inspired to look at themselves in a new way and will be better because of it.”

— Brent Hawkes, officiant of world's first gay marriage