Let's build teams where each member admits fear, trusts their worth, delivers excellence and belongs to the mission. 



45 to 75 minutes


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Building Belonging at Work

High-performing, accountable teams are built upon a deep sense of belonging among its members and their mission. Yet, studies show that more and more people feel like imposters at work, greatly eroding team and organizational effectiveness.

First, we will look at the underlying issues in the workplace that make people hide who they are, expending energy on wearing a mask rather than excelling. Second, I will present a methodology and critical drivers to a) crush imposter syndrome at work and b) build each team member's sense of belonging. 

My corporate talks are designed to motivate, compel, and act as an wedge for follow-on workshops and exercises. 

Share your organization's struggle with me and let's explore how I can provide your team value. Reach out today