Custom workshops to build belonging at your school, company, organization or retreat. 



Two hours to several days


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Limited but please inquire 


Any keynote only takes us so far. And so, I love to be able to bolt on a workshop. These can vary from two to forty people and include an assortment of group and individual exercises. Incorporating sharing, journaling and, I act as an impartial mediator for your team to explore its underlying challenges and craft a path to enduring change. 

I bring a unique approach to workshop facilitation. I have studied rapid prototyping with Tom Chi, the principal creator of Google Glass and the Google Car, who taught me the importance of quick cadence to find breakthroughs. I studied conflict management and negotiation at the undergraduate and graduate level followed by a semester-in-residence at the Institute Without Boundaries, a world-class design thinking hub. I once even led a team to come up with a patriotism-building campaign in a city in Chile devastated by the earthquake in 2010. 

In sum, my workshops are hands-on, engaging, and use an assortment of analog and digital tools. Let's talk about your needs and find a solution. Reach out today