Jordan Axani

I'm Jordan.

 I help leaders make mental wellness simple,
relatable, and actionable.

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These days, I like websites that are to the point. So, as you read this, here's what I'm working on: 

The three ways we can work together.

1. Speaking

I speak at institutions, universities, companies, and schools nearly every week. I help audiences... 

Normalize Mental Health Challenges
I build trust in the room to show that most people have been impacted by mental health. 

Get Vulnerable
Demonstrate the power of vulnerbility.

Feel Connected
Show that no one is ever alone. 

Learn Tactics
Leave with valuable tools and ideas to make a difference. 

Increase Belonging
Create a mutual sense of self and identity to bond together.


2. Workshop Facilitation

I help teams dig into each other deeply, creating stronger bonds and better business outcomes. They walk away able to... 

Create Resonance
Develop ideas and products that pull on heartstrings. 

Increase Performance
Teams that feel safe with each other last longer and outperform competitors. 

Build Trust
Explore the barriers impeding trust and overcome them. 

Experience Growth
Retain clients longer, understanding their growth trajectory and meeting them there.


3. Coaching

I guide thought leaders, change makers and executives on how to share more of themselves through their work. Working confidentially, we... 

Get Clear
Get clear on your story and why you are the way you are.

Find Hope
Gain awareness that you are enough as you are.

Go Deep
Go deep into the areas that are most heartfelt and sincere.

Increase Drive
Increase motivation to share more of yourself. 

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What some others have said about me.

Anyone hearing Jordan will be inspired to look at themselves in a new way and will be better because of it.
Forever changed by this event.
— Samantha, a Freshman at Farleigh Dickinson University
Every now and then, if you’re lucky, you’ll come across a speaker who makes you feel like they are having a one-on-one conversation with you from the stage. If you’re even luckier, what they have to say is important and relevant. Jordan Axani is one of those speakers.
— Drew Dudley, Leadership Expert

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