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If you prefer a formal bio, here it is.

I help leaders be rethink their authenticity and lead with vulnerability.

I have worked with Fortune 1000 companies, top universities, startups and national governments to help them develop strategies and programs that use authenticity to increase employee retention, performance and happiness. I coach for celebrated New York Times bestselling author and speakers to help them be more authentic in their work.

I was educated at the Royal Military College of Canada in Conflict Negotiation before studying Integrated Design Strategy at the Institute Without Boundaries and Rapid Prototyping at FactoryX, a think tank started by Google executives. In that, I combine a rare skill-set of mediation, design thinking and mental health that he uses to create influential programs and ideas.

As a Partner of Shift, a leading mental health treatment and education practice that operates across Canada, I designs and delivers programs on behalf of large-scale private and public sector partners. These include “What’s Your Big Lie?”, a program that has been delivered to over 250,000 people across North America since 2016.

His unique work, social experiments (including one that has is known as the most viral human interest story in the history of the internet, earning 4.5-billion media impressions), advocacy are an outcome of his eclectic background and has been featured by thousands of news outlets around the world. 

Why do I do this work? Because for so much of my life I've worn a mask and still, of course, struggle with it.