Jordan Axani helps companies and campuses have simple, relatable, and actionable conversations about mental wellness and leadership. 

He works with organizations to explore the unspoken struggles and experiences of their people, creating intimate conversations that encourage connection, trust, and teamwork. Simply put, he is a master of helping people share what they hide — building workplace cultures of psychological safety that are required to attract, retain, and nurture top talent.

His casual approach, unique background, and immense vulnerability has made Jordan a sought-after speaker for those who are are looking for a very different approach to dialogues about both mental wellness and leadership. He is known for using anonymous technology that allow audiences to share without the fear of embarrassment or shame, and building attendees’ courage to stand in front of their peers to share their true story.

In the past year, he has spoken to over 250,000 people across North America and the Middle East. His most popular program, What’s Your Big Lie?, has grown from a pilot with the RMCP to a live experience that tours internationally, landing partnerships with top-tier startups, healthcare providers, and campuses to design innovative mental health programming.

Indeed, Jordan has a long track-record of bold acts that move and inspire people. Whether becoming one of the youngest people to ever bike across Canada, or being at the center of the most viral human interest story in the internet’s history (the tale of a Canadian man giving away a plane ticket that earned some 4.5-billion media hits), he now uses that entrepreneurial and creative spark to attack the biggest problems facing our mental wellness.

He is a Partner of Shift Collab, a therapy and mental health education firm that supports high-profile leaders and their organizations. He is also the co-host of Impostercast, a podcast about faking it. He lives in Toronto with his partner in business and life, Megan, a formidable therapist, and their Boston Terrier, Arthur.