Speaking Videos

In the past five years, I've given over 200 keynotes to bold companies, campuses and organizations.


What's Your Big Lie? (2017) 

I reflected on a year of touring What's Your Big Lie? at the second largest TEDx event in Canada, TEDxStMaryCSSchool in 2017. It tells the story of what we found from asking over a 100,000 people about the lies they're living. 


Huffington Post Mini-Documentary (2017)

The Huffington Post was made a short documentary about my journey of growing up, my viral experience, and the impact that technology had on my mental health.  

Why Finding Our Purpose is Bullsh*t (2015)

I've always tried to find that "one thing" that will make me feel like I found my place in the world, to feel connected to others and myself. And as I found out after years of chasing, the idea of having that kind of a purpose is total nonsense. Fortunately the folks at TEDxToronto gave me the opportunity to speak on that. 


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